Sold! Used Whitfield Advantage 2-T fireplace $900

Whitfield Advantage 2-T fireplaceSold!

The company Whitfield produced some terrific pellet heaters for years.  We have a used Advantage 2-T fireplace insert in stock.  They are not easy to come by.  This one is in very good shape, and is capable of heating around 1600 square feet, depending upon the home and room design.  The insert is $900, but it does need exhaust pipe for installation which isn’t included.  Installation available but not included, either.

Sold! Regency C-33 Propane Stove – $799

Regency C-33 Propane Stove

Regency C-33 Propane Stove

This stove has sold!

The Regency C-33” freestanding gas stove has been a great heater for a number of years.  This is a 32,000 BTU Propane stove only that is in good shape.  It’s rated for about 1200 square feet of heating capability.  It is a “B-vent” stove which means it must vent through the roof, so it’s perfect for an interior wall or replacing a woodstove”.  Priced to move at $799 for the stove with a fan.

SOLD! Avalon 31DVi Gas/Propane Stove

Avalon 31DVi Gas/Propane Stove

Avalon 31DVi Gas/Propane Stove

This stove has sold!

Avalon is Washington-based manufacturer of high quality heating inserts and this 31DVi model we used for about a year is in terrific shape.  Natural gas as it sits, but available to convert to propane.  It has a fan built in and it is capable of taking a thermostat.  Rated for 31,000 BTU’s.  $1400 for the insert, installation not included.

SOLD! – Used Enviro EG28 Gas Stove $750

Enviro EG28 gas stoveThis stove has been sold; come back again to check for more specials, or follow us on Facebook for the latest deals!

Sometimes our good fortune is your good fortune.  Finding a used, compact gas stove of good quality isn’t easy.  But we lucked into one.  The Enviro EG28 is rated for 30,000 BTU’s, has a fan on it, and is a stove that will heat if the power goes out.  It’s a natural gas stove now, but could be converted to propane.   To be sold as is for $ 750.  It has a gold trim around the glass and its bay window front allows for viewing from three sides.  It’s a good value for someone.

SOLD! Mendota Propane Stove Special! $250

Mendota-Propane-StoveThis stove has sold!

The Johnson Gas Company has been around since 1901.  Their Mendota gas stove line has always been a very well-made, quality heating product.  We have one of their propane stoves that is available with a fan for $ 250.  The stove will work when the power is out, so it can be a good addition to a primary home heater and be a big benefit if a power outage happens.  The three-sided glass front offers a good visibility of a nice, glowing fire.

Need Grilling Supplies or Accessories? Look No Farther!

Grilling suppliesWe, at Capital City Stove & Grill Center, really like grilling.  So much so that we’ll grill meals for ourselves here at the store from time to time.  To make your grilling experience more enjoyable, we’ve tried to find tools, rubs, and accessories to assist.  Not only do we carry a variety of these accessories in stock, but we can order items from the Weber, Big Green Egg, and Traeger grill companies.   But we do have a number of accessories in stock.
Grilling & Smoking suppliesFor those of you with grills looking for some repair parts or replacement parts, we have access to the Music City Metals brand of replacement grill parts.  Sometimes that is a good direction to go to give your grill the TLC it needs to keep you grilling.
Feel free to contact us if you need assistance with your grill.  If you have questions, email us!BBQ & Grilling suppies Big Green Egg grill supplies

SOLD! – Dovre “DV450” Gas Stove – used

Dovre “DV450” Gas StoveThis stove has been sold; come back again to check for more specials, or follow us on Facebook for the latest deals!

This stove is a “trade in” on a new stove purchase.  This stove works well, but the customers wanted to go for a different style.  The DV 450 is a 35,000 BTU stove which is rated for around 1400 square feet of heating.  There is no fan on the stove, but it does work well without the fan, even if the power is out.  The stove is being sold for $500.

Enviro Focus Gas Insert – Display Model

Enviro Focus Gas Fireplace InsertA gas-burning insert is a great way to turn your non-efficient fireplace into an effective heating source, even if the power is out.  The Enviro “Focus” is a mid-size insert for heating about 1200 square feet or less.  This display model hasn’t been used and it has a screen door set over the glass to give it a nice look of a regular fireplace.  Retail price is $2295, but we’re discounting this display model $500 to sell at $1795 for the insert, with installation not included.  Free estimates available.

Regency “CS1200” wood stove – used

Regency CS1200 wood stoveWe have used this Regency “CS1200” wood stove that is on our display floor and we’ve decided to sell it at a substantially discounted price.  It is a stove rated to heat 1200 square feet or less with very contemporary styling.  It even has a spot under the door of the stove to store wood.  It’s an extremely efficient wood stove that will provide many years of good performance.  Suggested retail on the stove is $1999, and we’re selling the stove as it sits for $1399.  It’s a really good deal for someone.