SOLD: Monessen Gas Fireplace

Monessen Gas FireplaceThis stove has sold!

For those of you looking for a “builder special”, we have one Monessen 36DVZRRN Natural Gas fireplace for that construction project requiring a small, “direct vent” gas fireplace.  Included with the fireplace is its rear vent kit. Retail price on the fireplace with the exhaust kit is $1399.  We’re selling it for $799. No fan included, and that does not include installation costs.  It’s a good deal for the right installation.

SOLD! Regency E-21 Gas Insert – Used

Regency E-21 small gas insertThis stove has sold!

We are fortunate to have a used Regency E-21 small gas insert available.  This is a nice little insert designed for heating up to about 800 square feet, with a maximum BTU input of 23,500 using Natural Gas.  It could use Propane but a kit would have to be purchased to convert it.  A blower is built in it, and it has an option of a thermostat.  Its price is $800 for the insert; installation materials and labor are not included.  It’s in good shape and would help a family, even if the power goes out.

SOLD! Hampton H-35 Gas Stove – $650 off!

Hampton H-35 Gas Stove - BlueThis stove has sold!

The Hampton H-35 gas stove is a 36,000 BTU heater that is still manufactured.  But Hampton went to a different blue color, leaving us with just one model that has never been used.  Current price on a new Hampton is $2650 in enamel.  We’re knocking $650 off this last blue one to sell at $2000.  If the power goes out, this stove will still be heating.